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I just wanna know you better now.

You’re so beautiful. Fuckin’ Beautiful…..

Aww, they censored the words “fuckin” and “ass” from the lyrics.

Letting her go is one kind of love too.

"You" don’t belong in heaven either.

This reminds me of my days when with her. Where im the guy in the lyrics.

Suits the moment now.

Jan 7

Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole

Saw this song advertised on a women defense or protecting woman from abuse campaign, so I fell in love with this song. STAY STRONG, GIRLS!

Aug 3

I feel “Lucky” even if we didn’t start as bes friends.I

@ pastelpinkcake - Great song (would be better if the music wasn’t covering up the singer’s voice)

Jun 6

Simple & Clean (music box version)
Utada Hikaru


When you feel like you can’t go one day without me.

Simple and Clean (Music box version)

I really like this one. It soothes and makes peace to the mind and heart.

Another one I like.

Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum.  Liked the rhythm of the song.

"I just wanna share your joy and your pain."

May 9

Love is Dangerous by RaVaughn

Dangerous but I love it. I love loving you all the way.

May 9

Fly away by JoJo

Are you going to change your life OR miss the flight?