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in the working world

People are just soooo uptight. Got my annual review today and my direct supervisor told me a few people (internal peers and externals) told her manager that I should watch out my sense of humor. Seriously? I hardly talk to ppl in the office already. And i only open up if I see you’re an approachable person. I probably say “handsome, can I have you sign these paperwork”. Things like that would offend ppl and make them complaint about me BEHIND my back? Gosh… have the guts and just tell me in front of my face. Cuz if you come back months later, i’m not gonna remember what it was and might even do it again accidentally. You adults should be more professional on confronting me so that I can learn at the time of the occurrence and not AFTER the fact, please..  Been scratching my head all day trying to figure out who the heck is that sensitive. My humor doesn’t attack ppl at work, so i really don’t know understand what is it that i said. My supervisor won’t budge to tell me who either or what is it that i’ve said.

Mar 9

Another wishful dream

Laat nite I had a very vivid dream about my 1st ex back from high school. This dream is much more recent times than others that I had about her. There was someone in the dream said she still loves me but i didnt believe it. I had to go to the restroom amd somehow lisha was the last one using that restroom amd she left something in there like a media player of some sort and it says songs from kathy. I gave her love songs back then and some recordings of my voice.

When I went back outside to the friend reunion or some group friend get together, i walked straight to her. She looked at me like so shocked amd frightened to why am i walking so close to her. I broke a big close tight hug. She then hugs back tightly and cried heavily with joyfulness. She trembles as she speak to my ears, “Ive missed u so much all these yrs amd u finally come back to me. I still love u so much.” I burst in tears (in my dreams) then woke……

Im all sad now. My mind and heart still dwells in the past with Lisha.

Deja Vu

Just had some really good flash back when I have driving back to work during lunch.

Flash back about my 1st ex - 1st love - 1st girl relationship. It felt so real, i mean the feeling of happiness, the jiggly feeling when I had being with her back in high school. Awww….good times… good times.

Ex-coworker’s Cuz

Lately, my female ex-co group txted everyone on her new job with a business card. So, I figured to joke around and reply to that txt (not knowing it replies to the whole group).  A # somehow replied back to me asking who am I. I was like, Ummmm, i’m a friend of the sender. Then we started chat txting. He asked for my pic just so he can add it to a ringer for my number, so i randomly picked one from my tumblr page. There wasn’t any response after I sent it. Then my friend txt me a few moments later saying “what did you send my cuz that got him so excited.”  I was like excited? I asked her what did he say to you? My friend told me he said you’re pretty. It was a great compliment to my end as i know i’m actually not pretty.

so, it’s been a few days already that we chatted. Then last nite, he sends this message to me.

The Beauty …

in her comes with a price. Life is always fair in that terms when god created us - to never be perfect.

She is beautiful but may come with flirtiness and unfaithfulness. She might be less attractive but inside she may be gorgeous and true to you.

Too bad our eyes keep deceiving us of what we should fall for. If’s all your pick.

Highlights of the day

Not so good to start with….

Breakfast….sneaked out to grab breakfast. Place said they’re out of what I usually orders. However, there’s an alternative. Ok, fine. i’ll take the alternative. Ok, Great, that will be a 10 mins wait. I’m like fudge! I sneaked out here, I’m trying to make it quick. So there goes the morning.

Lunch time comes…. made a purpose trip and also trying to make my peers happy by getting them something from this Tapioca Cafe. Arrived and parked right in front of the shop. Great perfect parking! But as I turn my head, there’s a freakin HUGE sign saying CLOSED due to power outage! You gotta be f*****g kidding me. Super MAD.

On the way back, grabbed a bagel for my peer and a coffee ice cream on a sugar cone to cool my steaming ass off. LOL….. I’m staying home for dinner. Not going out to grab ANYTHING at all, period.

Before I stepped out to grab lunch, MAMIE is back!!!! We were heading towards each other’s direction as I try to walk to the stairs, she looked at me with a smile and asked me if i was leaving already. I said Ohh no no, only lunch. Awww….. it’s that look that made me soooo happy and sweet from within thru that anger breathe-taking CLOSE sign.

I’m still content cuz she talked to me and I got to look at her straight in the eyes. awwwww…….

Jan 6


Just got a puppy into my life again. I’m really hoping she is as the owner claims - 3.5 lbs and/or less.

For now, I call her QTee.I got her on 1/01. I have been busy ever since Thanksgiving started. Literally, everyday where I don’t even have enough time to since with Spikey plus with the puppy now. But after the holidays commotion, I am slowly getting back on track with my time.

It’s been a very eventful year end. None of the time are wasted at all. I feel very happy, fully occupied and blessed with more good things to come.

Nov 9

Friends even lie

Someone told me how important our friendship is and blah this and blah that. But ive given so many chances, she lied again and again. I keep telling her its ok.. dont worry. Having a gf or a sex person is no big deal. All i wanted was a truth and honesty.

Friendship that lies is not worthy anymore. That being said i no longer need to keep this friendship anymore as well as the “so-called” verbally promised trips (shes the flakiest person anyways).

Gonna cut her out. I dont need a friend who’s not truthful in my life. Putting her bullshit to an end.


At work, there’s an older guy that smokes in my team. As we work on our laid back saturday, he went smoking twice already. Then I IM’d him and asked him if he can teach me to smoke. He quickly said no. I asked why. He said it’s not good.

My question in my mind is “then why didn’t you quit smoking if you knew it’s not good already.” He’s a nice guy. I just don’t get why people doesn’t have the will power to quit on things that’s bad for them. He’s selflessness thinks for others rather than himself.

Injury on my back

I just injured my back from trying to lift something really heavy from the ground. Now i cant even bend over or kneeling down. I hope it recovers soon…my skateboard is coming soon. I really want to learn to ride that.

Lost of appetite

I noticed and it’s starting to be a trend for me.

Every heartbreak causes the huge lost of appetite for me. I’m going thru a lil speed bump again. This time it’s all my fault. It’s like I can’t decipher what’s right and wrong anymore.

I hate always having to battle with my own demon. The constant desire of the wrong is consuming a lot of my energy to wanting to be right. I hate being the attachment. I will fight to the end. And I know so truly that time will do the best job in my situation. Of course, no one ever does a good job at describing how TOUGH time goes by during the healing process. But I know. It’s like when you are hooked on drinking and trying to be sober. It’s like smoking and trying to quit. It’s like on cocaine and your trying to weave away from it little by little. This demon call addiction is the worst feeling. Sigh…. I just hope this attaching string will soon untie and leave me soon. I don’t want to think about the devilish angel anymore.

8/24 11:55pm

So this is how it feels. Ohhh…. Now I know. Kee Kee. It’s a special night for me. Also I made a new friend and am happy!….

Only one friend that I ever confide in from that I met in tumblr. She Better feel special as she reads this on her dashboard post. LOL.

Spontaneous Moment

I wanna learn skateboarding! Going to get one and do it!  Since I know snowboarding, I hope it wouldn’t be too hard.  Time to pad my ass up for falling spree. Haaa!


I found out that it takes ONLY 60 seconds to change the air filter that the money blood sucker dealers charge a rate of 43.50 for a simple change. So I will be doing the changing of the engine filters and air filters from NOW and on forward! Feel sooooo happy and proud already that I will be saving MY future bucks!

I found out that it takes ONLY 60 seconds to change the air filter that the money blood sucker dealers charge a rate of 43.50 for a simple change. So I will be doing the changing of the engine filters and air filters from NOW and on forward! Feel sooooo happy and proud already that I will be saving MY future bucks!